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  • Gasoline and Diesel Fuel deliveries to Service Stations, Retailers and Convenience Stores in the Southern New England Area.
  • Delivery of Fuel to above ground tanks which require a pump for delivery.
  • Units with pump equipment for emergency removal of petroleum products when needed. 
  • Bulk Deliveries of #2 Heating Oil and Kerosene to Bulk plants and Businesses.
  • Bulk deliveries of Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Off Road Diesel and Marine Diesel to Special Delivery sites or Construction Sites.
  • Bulk delivery of Fuel to Trucking Companies, Bus Companies, or other transportation companies with bulk storage facilities. 
  • Ask your distributor to select Petrodriver Transportation LLC for your deliveries today.
  • Petrodriver Transportation hauls both Branded and Unbranded Products for All Quality Distributors in the Southern New England Area. 
  • Petrodriver is a preferred hauler for IRVING customers and distributor deliveries.

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Our Services

Petrodriver Transportation LLC maintains a fleet of modern, reliable equipment driven by a carefully selected team of transportation professionals. 

Our Services Include:


Station Monitoring available at no extra charge for dedicated customers to make sure you have a zero probability of a runout or supply interruption. We plan deliveries at the optimum time for your location to insure your customers and sales will be uninterrupted during our delivery.


Our dedication to safety is constant. Drivers and staff are trained year round on the latest safety procedures and technology available through Energi Insurance and JJ Keller to ensure your delivery is made correctly and safely every time.